Project Forwarding

Highland’s project cargo management and relief and aid cargo distribution are one of the ambitious wing named “Highlander Project & Relief Cargo”. Handling of any size of project from planning, budgeting to follow up with suppliers and delivery on time within the agreed budget, we can manage your project from start to finish including close follow up with suppliers and clients, an on-time update of agreed milestones, licenses, etc., every project is tailor-made specific to each client’s requirement.

Bringing aid and relief to people in need is a big responsibility. To ensure that the help and support reach its destination, we offer a one-stop service solution around the country, around the clock, tailored for emergency situations and long-term projects. Our Aid & Relief team has adequate experience in providing the best transport solution to our country. Our know-how and professionalism ensure that your cargo arrives without unnecessary delays. We can arrange for collecting, packing, and consolidation from multiple suppliers whether domestic or international. By coordinating directly with your suppliers, we not only save your time and money – we ensure that your cargo reaches its destination hassle-free.

Special equipment handling, cross-border transportation, Heavy weight and Over Dimensional cargo transportation, Customs, Insurance, De-stuff, Storage and site delivery are the major functions.

Heavy Cargo De-stuff for site-delivery

Cross-border Transport by Low Bed Trailer

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