Land Freight

Your shipments might have shipped the world via air and ocean, yet every freight begins and ends on land. A successful logistics operation is never complete without reliable and efficient road transportation services. HIGHLAND is a professional land freight service provider. We combine our services to create one unique tailor-made package to meet your supply chain demands. Global forwarding of air and sea shipments, Transportation service of cargo and containers, Terminal handling, and Contract logistics is our unique-mix of services to meet our valued clients’ supply chain requirements.

Highland offers an Integrated Supply Chain Management (SCM) service that’s hard to beat. We have substantial dedicated operations and facilities across the globe which are managed on a fully outsourced basis or combined with our international logistics management service.

Road Transport

Rail Transport

Ocean Freight

HIGHLAND OCEAN’s Sea Freight is one of the core competencies and it offers regular departures to all major destinations. Preferential and competitive rates for shipping, Exemplary care of your cargo on the move and Exceptional tracking capabilities to pinpoint the location of your cargo at all times are our ocean activities.

We have an excellent track record in safe delivery of cargo across all destinations. Our team, agents and associates take special care to ensure safe passage of cargo so that it arrives in the same shape as it was handed over.

Our ocean activities are:

  • Freight booking for Inbound and Outbound Cargo
  • Shipments under all INCOTERMS
  • Shipments for Exhibitions and Trade Fairs
  • Handling of Projects, Special Equipment
  • 3rd Party Logistics (3PL)


Our ocean freight services cover:

  • Full Container Load (FCL) and Less than Container Load (LCL)
  • Single and Multi-Country Consolidation
  • Oversized Cargo and Break Bulk
  • Door-to-Door and Port-to-Port
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Customs Clearance
  • Multimodal Transportation
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Value Added Services

Air Freight

HIGHLAND AIR offers services to almost all destinations in all 6 continents. We provide General Air Freight at the possible lower cost alternative for customers that are not as time sensitive and can wait for space available service. We have the routes, schedules and expertise to keep your shipments moving at top-notch speed – no matter what you are shipping. We do special negotiation with the airlines for special shipments and bulk cargo.

Priority Air Freight is for time-sensitive shipments that need next-available flight service. Priority service provides peace of mind that your shipments will be at a destination by a specific time – guaranteed. Priority Air Freight shipments arrive at their destination as per the prior schedule depending on origin and destination. We do door-to-door air express as per the client’s need.

Some highlights of our air freight forwarding services:

  • Time Definite Express
  • Cargo Consolidation
  • Cargo Insurance
  • Customs Clearance
  • Multimodal Transportation
  • Door-to-Door and Airport-to-Airport Services
  • Warehousing & Distribution
  • Domestic & International Express
  • Value Added Services

International Removals

Highland’s removal service is a trusted long-distance moving service, a moving service for persons relocating to and from Nepal and anywhere in the world. Our one of the wing named “VANLINES” is the trade name to organize packing and moving around the world.

Whether it’s the stress of a corporate relocation, moving across the world or a person moving back to home, we understand what is going through and we are here to help. Our experience, our work ethic, and our great people make the difference! If you are looking for the best service at a reasonable price, contact VANLINES today. Our removal service includes packing & unpacking, insurance, pick up & delivery, customs clearance, and shipping by air freight, sea freight, or multimodal transport system.

Call or Email us, our representatives will get back to you within 24 hours or lesser for the survey of your merchandise.

Project Forwarding

Highland’s project cargo management and relief and aid cargo distribution are one of the ambitious wing named “Highlander Project & Relief Cargo”. Handling of any size of project from planning, budgeting to follow up with suppliers and delivery on time within the agreed budget, we can manage your project from start to finish including close follow up with suppliers and clients, an on-time update of agreed milestones, licenses, etc., every project is tailor-made specific to each client’s requirement.

Bringing aid and relief to people in need is a big responsibility. To ensure that the help and support reach its destination, we offer a one-stop service solution around the country, around the clock, tailored for emergency situations and long-term projects. Our Aid & Relief team has adequate experience in providing the best transport solution to our country. Our know-how and professionalism ensure that your cargo arrives without unnecessary delays. We can arrange for collecting, packing, and consolidation from multiple suppliers whether domestic or international. By coordinating directly with your suppliers, we not only save your time and money – we ensure that your cargo reaches its destination hassle-free.

Special equipment handling, cross-border transportation, Heavy weight and Over Dimensional cargo transportation, Customs, Insurance, De-stuff, Storage and site delivery are the major functions.

Heavy Cargo De-stuff for site-delivery

Cross-border Transport by Low Bed Trailer

Supply Chain Management

Our mission is to help your business run smoothly and efficiently with our reliable and effective supply chain operations.

Highland encompasses a comprehensive range of services from integrated logistics, international freight to express delivery, we provide one-stop, single-platform solutions for all your logistics need. Our solutions are fully integrated which allows for total visibility and traceability of your shipments.

With our full suite of services, you do not need to deal with multiple vendors anymore as we are your single point of contact at any time. We take care of your supply chain operations so you can stay focused on your business and stay connected with your suppliers and customers at all times.

From the initial solution planning and design, through to the actual execution and management of operations, we draw on our global scale and local insight to provide you with customized and innovative solutions that are scalable to your operation size and needs. Our personalized approach allows you the greatest flexibility to proactively manage your supply chain at the lowest cost and risk with ultimate visibility and efficiency.

Integrated Logistics

Our integrated logistics solutions cover all your logistics needs from transportation, warehousing, distribution to value-added services. Our logistics specialists are dedicated to working with you to develop, implement and manage logistics solutions that would empower your business to achieve a new level of efficiency and effectiveness. Our service goal is to make it simple and make it work whatever industry sector you operate in and whatever the scale of your business.

In addition to using our standard end-to-end logistics services, we can also customize and develop innovative and comprehensive integrated logistics solutions that are flexibly built around your unique business strategies and needs.

Multimodal Transportation

Multimodal transport is the transportation of goods under a single contract, but performed with at least two different modes of transport. The carrier responsible for the entire carriage is referred to as a multimodal transport operator (MTO).

When it comes to this mode of transportation, there is more than one kind of vehicle necessary to take the goods to their final destination, by the use of trucks, trains, ships, airplanes or some other mean of transport for the delivery.

Highland’s advantage of Multimodal Transport lies in the most efficient combination of multiple means of transport, whilst optimizing deadlines, cutting back on inventory costs, therefore keeping the costs of the merchandise under control. The combination of these also results in high environmental sustainability, since Multimodal Transport reduces the environmental footprint of transportation.
Highland is making such transport under one transport document combining of air-road, sea-road and sea-rail-road.

Compliance Services

Customs and Regulatory Compliance is now critical for exporters, importers, and movers alike. Our specialists have extensive experience in compliance with exporting, importing, and moving regulations. We can provide guidance on Licenses, Regulations and customs compliance as well as documentation retention policies. Highland will assist you every step of the way in becoming and remaining compliant. Our licensed Customs Brokers will assist you in identifying and arranging for duty and taxes calculation, payment and settlement.

At Highland, we consider Compliance of paramount importance. Our efforts to ensure Compliance in every business transaction for our own organization and on behalf of our customers are reflected via:






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